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About Global Wealth Hub


We are an Education Business started in 2015.

Global  Wealth Hub is a project that started back in 2015 in New York. At the time Global Wealth Hub only offered In-Person Workshop and Seminars and Now we are able to reach you from the confort of your own home.

Our Story

Global Wealth Hub started from the though reality that we are currently living

As it goes ” The rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer”, if we drill down to the core of this phrase, we find out what makes the “rich getting richer” is their level of financial education.

Long were the times where you only needed to have 1 income, we now live in a globalized world.

We can help you build the foundation you need in order to welcome financial freedom in your life while becoming reliable partners along the way.

Our Vision
We believe that financial education should be easy and available to everyone. It should leave you informed, with money in your pocket.
Our Mission
Global Wealth Hub offers a unique educational experience for aspiring entrepreneurs & Finance Enthusiasts, by providing the best Financial Education with proven strategies and real results.
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